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1. Square Sandalwood Curio Box (with 30 curios inside)
(Matching tags: wood,box,National Palace Museum)
When closed, this curio box looks like a plain container. The advantage to this type is that it does not take up much space in storage.  ......
2. Carved Bamboo Brush Washer in the Shape of a Lotus Leaf
(Matching tags: wood,vessel,Ming dynasty,National Palace Museum)
The root of a bamboo has been carved here into the shape of a lotus leaf,  ......
3. Bamboo-veneered Curio Box with Lotuses
(Matching tags: wood,box,National Palace Museum)
This round curio box has been joined by bamboo thread and a “chu-huang” bamboo veneer, carved with lotuses, applied to the outer surface. ......
4. Carved Bamboo Brush Holder
(Matching tags: vessel,wood,Ming dynasty,National Palace Museum)
A segment of a piece of bamboo has been made into a brush holder, with a flat mouth and the dividing part of the bamboo as the bottom. ......