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1. Zu-xin Jue
(Matching tags: wine,vessel,Shang dynasty,bronzes)
The zuxin wine pitcher is a artefact of the late Shang Dynasty, unearthed in Luoyang, Henan. The shape of its mouth is very peculiar. There is a long channel at the front called liu, a conduit for letting ...
2. Square Hu, Bronze Wine Vessel, with Entwined Dragon Design
(Matching tags: Spring and Autumn Period,wine,vessel,bronzes)
This square bronze wine vessel with entwined dragon design was unearthed in Xinzheng, Henan in 1923. It was one of a pair. The other one is now in the Palace Museum in Beijing. It was unearthed from the ...
3. Lei with cloud and dragon pattern
(Matching tags: Spring and Autumn Period,wine,vessel,bronzes)
The Lei, a bronze wine jar, a vessel for containing liquid, was used in worshipping ceremonies and banquets. The wine jar with a cloud and dragon design was one of the bronze representations of the Spring ...