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1. Two Round Conjoined Containers in Carved Red Lacquer
(Matching tags: lacquer,vessel,National Palace Museum)
With two round vessels conjoined together, this is known as a "double-union (shuang-yüan) treasure chest" ......  ...
2. Painted Enamelware Vase with Dragons
(Matching tags: enamel,vessel,National Palace Museum)
During the Yung-cheng reign, under the close observation of the court, painted enamelware, ......
3. Glass Enameled Snuff Bottle in the Shape of a Bamboo Segment
(Matching tags: enamel,vessel,National Palace Museum)
Enamelware of the Yung-cheng reign followed that of the K'ang-hsi reign and rose to greater heights, characterized mainly by its panels in a full composition, ......
4. Copper Snuff Bottle with Plum Blossoms in Painted Enamelware
(Matching tags: enamel,vessel,National Palace Museum)
Even in something as small as a snuff bottle can be seen a decorative style combining East and West. ......
5. Glass Snuff Bottle with Interior Painting
(Matching tags: vessel,glass,National Palace Museum)
In the late 17th century, Western snuff and snuff containers entered China. ......
6. Carved Bamboo Brush Washer in the Shape of a Lotus Leaf
(Matching tags: wood,vessel,Ming dynasty,National Palace Museum)
The root of a bamboo has been carved here into the shape of a lotus leaf,  ......
7. Carved Bamboo Brush Holder
(Matching tags: vessel,wood,Ming dynasty,National Palace Museum)
A segment of a piece of bamboo has been made into a brush holder, with a flat mouth and the dividing part of the bamboo as the bottom. ......
8. Fish-creature Flower Holder
(Matching tags: jades,vessel,Ming dynasty,National Palace Museum)
In general, "creating auspiciousness" was a very important design consideration in the forms and decoration of Chinese antiquities ......
9. Cup in the Shape of a Lotus Leaf
(Matching tags: Sung dynasty,jades,vessel,Ming dynasty,National Palace Museum)
With the exception of the base, where the original yellowish-green color can be made out in places .....
10. Single-handled Cup
(Matching tags: Western Hang,jades,vessel,National Palace Museum)
This is an attractive, elegant example of a jade single-handled cup with high foot, carved from a piece of lustrous, semi-translucent white jade. ......
11. Dragon-design Horn-shaped Cup
(Matching tags: jades,vessel,Han dynasty,National Palace Museum)
Made of greenish-white jade, this vessel has been fashioned in the shape of a horn cup. ......  ...
12. Gilt Beast-footed Tsun with Mountain Design
(Matching tags: Eastern Han,vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
The tsun was the main wine vessel used in the Han dynasty, its production and decoration often being quite refined. ......  ...
13. Hu with Hunting Pattern
(Matching tags: Warring States Period,vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
Decorated with shallow relief design, portrayed on the neck of this vessel are birds  ......  ...
14. Hou-lou Vessel
(Matching tags: Western Han,vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
The hou-lou is a vessel for wine that was commonly used in the Han dynasty. The name derives as a synonym for the peaks that decorate its cover ......  ...
15. Ting with Coiled Serpent Pattern
(Matching tags: Spring and Autumn Period,vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
Bronze ceremonial vessels unique to the state of Ch'in gradually emerged during the middle Spring and Autumn period ......  ...
16. Plain Vase with Garlic-shaped Mouth
(Matching tags: vessel,bronzes,Han dynasty,National Palace Museum)
The garlic-shaped hu originated in the state of Ch'in in Shensi. ......
17. P'an with Coiled K'uei-dragon Pattern
(Matching tags: Spring and Autumn Period,vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
Water vessels were used in ceremonial washing and gradually became popular in the middle and late Western Chou period, flourishing in the Spring and Autumn period. ......  ...
18. Ching-chi-shih Tsun
(Matching tags: Western Chou,vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
The phoenix bird with a large tail seen here was a brand new form of decoration that rose around the time of King Mu in the middle of the Western Chou period.
19. Le-chi-hsien Hsu
(Matching tags: Western Chou,vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
The hsu as an evolution on the kuei vessel, along with the tile pattern decoration on its body, can be said to be a "reformation" of the middle and late Western Chou period.   ...
20. Mao-kung Ting
(Matching tags: Western Chou,vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
This “ting” cauldron has a wide, flared mouth, a linked ring motif decorating the rim, upright handles, and three hoofed feet. ......
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