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1. Ding for offering sacrifices
(Matching tags: Spring and Autumn Period,Zhou dynasty,Shang dynasty,tripod,bronzes)
The tripod is the most important bronze ritual implement in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. It was used in the higher level ritual ceremonies and banquets, and was a cooking implement. This “Lao tripod” ...
2. Ding with Tao-tie pattern
(Matching tags: Shang dynasty,tripod,bronzes)
The bronze tripod developed from the pottery tripod of the Neolithic Age. This tripod with the Taotie design is an implement from the late Shang Dynasty. The mouth of the implement opens outward, the edge ...
3. The Retrieval of the Tripods from Ssu River
(Matching tags: tripod,art)
... The lower panel depicts the retrieval of the Chou tripods from the Ssu River. According to legend, the tripods, which symbolized the authority of a king, had sunk into the Ssu River. ...  ...