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1. Shakatang Valley in Taroko National Park
(Matching tags: Taroko National Park,Shakatang Valley,tourism)
The intricate lines that decorate the enormous rock faces of Shakatang Valley in Taiwan’s Taroko National Park tell a story that stretches back through the ages.
2. Dingjin Interchange in Kaohsiung
(Matching tags: Dingjin Interchange,tourism)
The Dingjin Interchange in Kaohsiung is part of the tightly integrated network of interconnecting freeways, expressways and local routes that make travel in Taiwan extremely convenient.
3. The Guanghua Tower
(Matching tags: Guanghua Tower,tourism)
The Guanghua Tower was completed in 1967. The Keelung Harbor Bureau once entertained guests on the tower, which was transformed into a tourist spot in October 2000.
4. Traditional Folk Art
(Matching tags: tourism,culture,Chinese Knots,art)
If you want to observe the multifaceted manifestations of 5,000 years of culture, or feel for yourself the joy and harmony of life in a heterogeneous society, then a tour of Taiwan is just what you need. ...
5. Night Market
(Matching tags: food,cuisine,tourism,Night Market)
Next to these Chinese delicacies, the enormous variety of typical Taiwanese snacks is unique in the world and most perfectly illustrates the important place that the food culture takes into the lives of ...
6. Taiwan's Offshore Islands
(Matching tags: tourism,island,geography)
Are you looking for a place where the waters are clear and the skies are blue, and countless stars stud the sky at night? Or would you like to wander through remote and picturesque fishing villages? Then ...