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1. Meat-shaped Stone
(Matching tags: stone,National Palace Museum)
In the collection of the National Palace Museum, two of the most famous works on display are "Jadeite Cabbage" and "Meat-shaped Stone",  ......  ...
2. Sung-hua Inkstone
(Matching tags: stone,National Palace Museum)
The base here includes six cloud-head feet, and in the middle underneath is carved a round and square seal. ......
3. Tuan Inkstone with Clouds and Dragons and 99 Columns
(Matching tags: stone,Ming dynasty,National Palace Museum)
This inkstone is carved from a single piece of Tuan River stone with dense inclusions, often referred to as eyes, found on the reverse side. ......  ...
4. Nine-storied Stone Pagoda
(Matching tags: pagoda,craft,stone)
The whole pagoda is composed of three sections: the foundation is the first section; the first to the seventh story of the body is the second section; and the eighth and ninth stories are the third section. ...