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1. Shi Gan Dang
(Matching tags: rubbing,stele)
Shi Gan Dang, also named Tai Shan Shi Gan Dang, are large stone tablets located in alleyways. .......
2. Inscription on a Maids’ Right to Get Married
(Matching tags: Qing dynasty,stele,rubbing)
This inscription by Intendant Yao Ying details the requirement that masters should arrange marriages for maids over 23 years of age ......
3. Inscription Moves to Tackle Problem Beggars
(Matching tags: Qing dynasty,stele,rubbing)
This inscription details gentries and shopkeepers from Liutiao Street near the Temple of Guandi, the Chinese God of War, in Taiwan Prefecture ......
4. Fragment of Stele, Inscribed with Xiping Classics
(Matching tags: Han dynasty,stele,Confucianism)
The tablet of Xiping is also called “the tablet of Han”, or “the tablet of unity”, depending on whether you translate it by sound or by meaning. It was begun in the fourth year ...
This stele was engraved with exquisite patterns in a meticulous manner, which can be regarded as the best among all stele works from the He-shuo area during the Northern Wei dynasty. The stele building ...