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1. Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History
(Matching tags: Orchidaceae,specimen)
After World War II, Professor Genkei Masamune of Taihoku Imperial University returned to Japan. The Orchidaceae specimens he took back became a part of the botanical collection in Kanagawa Prefectural ...
2. Leaf beetles
(Matching tags: specimen,beetle,insect)
Leaf beetles are small beetles. Their bodies are usually oblong, and metallically shining. ......
3. Stag beetles
(Matching tags: beetle,specimen,insect)
Beetles are most diverse in number or species among insects. Of which stage beetles are very popular ......
4. Oiceoptoma nakabayashii (Miwa, 1937)
(Matching tags: insect,specimen,silphid)
There is one type specimen of Silphidae at the TARI. However, its academic value is meaningful. ......  ...