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1. Tomb Owner and Acrobats
(Matching tags: shrine,tomb,Han dynasty,rubbing)
This rubbing was made from a Han stele by Tung Tso-pin in Shantung in 1933. On the upper panel we see the tomb owner sitting in the shrine. On the lower panel are acrobatic performances on horses and vehicles. ...
2. Confucius meeting with Lao Tzu
(Matching tags: shrine,tomb,Lao Tzu,Confucius,Han dynasty,rubbing)
... To. This is one of the most frequently seen motifs in Han dynasty tombs and shrines of Shantung. It has multiple meanings. It represents the humble Confucius treating Lao Tzu as his teacher. It probably ...
3. Banquet
(Matching tags: shrine,tomb,Han dynasty,art)
This picture presents the pleasurable side of life during the Han dynasty. The tomb chamber is decorated in this manner in the hope that its owner would continue to enjoy these pleasures in the next life. ...
4. The Phoenix Watch-tower Outside the Gate
(Matching tags: shrine,tomb,Han dynasty,art)
Unearthed from Tomb no.10 of Mt.Yangtzu at Ch'eng-tu, Szechwan. A phoenix perches on top of the watch-tower. Two watch-towers usually stood in front of the cemetery of Han dynasty families that had held ...
5. Tomb Owner Receiving Audience
(Matching tags: shrine,tomb,Han dynasty,art)
... This was the most frequently seen arrangement on the back wall of Han dynasty shrines in Shantung. It represents the tomb owner receiving worship and sacrificial offering from his offspring. The original ...
6. King Father of the East, Disciples of Confucius and Chariots
(Matching tags: shrine,tomb,Confucius,Han dynasty,art)
The upper panel depicts the King Father of the East. Like the Queen Mother of the West, he was one of the highest immortals in the Han pantheon. he is often surrounded by nine-tail foxes, jade hares, and ...