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41. Buddha of the Western Paradise
(Matching tags: Buddha,print,god)
“Buddha of the Western Paradise” is considered the founder of Buddhism. He is also called Sakyamuni Buddha. He was born in 557 BCE. and was the son of King Suddhodana of India. He became a ...
42. Taishang Laojun (Laozi)
(Matching tags: god,Laozi,print)
In the picture, Taishang Laojun sits solemnly in the center, holding the Tai Chi diagram in his hands. Two boys stand on his sides. On the top is a sign saying Taishang Laojun. Taishang Laojun’s ...
43. Xuantian Shangdi (God of the Profound Heavens)
(Matching tags: god,Xuantian Shangdi,print)
Xuantian Shangdi has many names such as Zhen Wu, Xuan Wu, Zhen Wu Emperor, Xuan Wu Dadi, and Zhen Wu Dadi. He is one of the gods worshipped in Daoism. Xuan Wu originated in the worship of stars and animals ...
44. Yuhuang Dadi (Jade Emperor, the High God)
(Matching tags: Yuhuang Dadi,print,god)
Yuhuang Dadi is also known as Yuhuang Shangdi. The Taiwanese call him the “Ruler of Heaven.” He is the lord of heaven and earth, the highest among the gods in the Daoist religion. Tradition ...
45. Wenchang Dijun (Patron of Promotions and Success in Examinations)
(Matching tags: god,Wenchang Dijun,print)
Wenchang Dijun is said to be the Zhang star in heaven and came to earth continuously. After going through seventy-two reincarnations, he was then born in the Jin Dynasty with the name of Zhang Yazi. After ...
46. Zhisheng Zongshi (The Great Sage and Teacher, Confucius)
(Matching tags: god,Confucius,print)
This picture of Confucius, the Great Sage and Teacher, is worshiped in old-style village schools. In the picture, Confucius is wearing official garment and holding a tablet. On his sides stand the Four ...
47. Guan Gong (God of Wealth)
(Matching tags: god,Guan Gong,Guan Yu,print)
“Saintly Emperor Guan” refers to the renowned general Guan Yu in the Three Kingdoms period. Guan Yus deeds and influence were glorified from the Song dynasty on, possibly because of the popularity ...
48. Hua Tuo, the Divine Doctor
(Matching tags: god,Hua Tuo,doctor,print)
This print portrays Hua Tuo as a god. The Chinese characters of Hua Tuo “華坨” may have been a slip of the pen in writing “華佗”. The misstep was fairly common in the old times when ...
49. Bodhidharma
(Matching tags: god,Bodhidharma,Dharma,Zen,print)
Bodhidharma, abbreviated Dharma, was originally named Dorodjatun Buddha. Like Sakyamuni Buddha, Dharma was a born aristocrat. He came to Guangzhou in the year of 520 (or 527) and was warmly welcomed by ...
50. Wugu Shennong (God of Farming or God of the Five Grains)
(Matching tags: Shennong,print,god)
Shennong is widely recognized as the founder of agriculture in China. There are many stories about him in ancient history books. The “Appended Remarks” of the “Book of Change” said, ...
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