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21. Longshan black pottery stem cup
(Matching tags: Lungshan,Neolithic,pottery)
The Lungshan culture of Shantong was spread around the middle and east of Shantong Province, and the Huaibei area in Jiangsu Province, 4,500 to 4,000 years ago. Since the largest proportion of the pottery ...
22. Hexagon-shaped pillow with floral
(Matching tags: Liao dynasty,Kitan,porcelain,pottery)
The Liao was a governing body established by the nomadic Kitan tribe. After they were assimilated by the Han, their lifestyle changed, and their need for the pottery and porcelain increased. ...  ...
By observing unearthed pottery from prehistoric sites, we can tell that the existence of pottery signifies human beings started to settle in more fixed places. ....  ...
24. Pottery Making Tools of Indigenous People in Taiwan
(Matching tags: pottery,aborigine)
The wide use of pottery is the major characteristic of the Neolithic Age. Since pottery pieces account for the majority of the artifacts excavated, it is believed pottery was widely used in the Neolithic ...
 Pottery is an important invention in the development of civilization. The characteristics of pottery have often been used by archaeologists to discuss the relationship between different prehistoric ...
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