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1. Handled Ivory Openwork Container
(Matching tags: box,ivory,National Palace Museum)
The body of this handled food container is divided into four levels, into which different kinds of food can be placed. ......
2. Eight carved ivory immortals
(Matching tags: figurine,ivory)
This group of eight ivory carved immortals from left to right are Li Tieguai, Cao Guojiu, Han Xiang zi, Chang Guolao, He Xiangu, Lan Caihe, Han Chongli, and Lu Dongbin. The eight immortals are a very popular ...
3. An old fisherman with a fishing net
(Matching tags: figurine,ivory)
This Fisherman Throwing the Net is carved on soft and warm ivory. Wearing a leaf hat, the fisherman holds the net with two hands; the net is full of fish and crabs. This artifact is natural and abounds ...
This ivory sphere was carved from a single solid piece of elephant ivory to form successive openwork spheres inside, serving as either a hanging or resting decorative piece. From the inside to the outer ...