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1. Tao Silver Helmet
(Matching tags: Tao,Yami,hat,aborigine)
... melting the silver, timber capable of producing a fire with a large amount of heat, but that could be controlled, was used as fuel. .....  ...
2. Tao Coconut Palm Fiber Hat
(Matching tags: Tao,Yami,hat,aborigine)
Sakop is a term in the Tau language that refers to all types of helmets and hats. They are divided into two categories: those used for work and those worn during special ceremonies and rites. The former ...
3. Rattan hat of Puyuma People
(Matching tags: hat,Puyuma,clothing)
Acquired by Jen, Shien-min (1956, Peina, Taitung)   Collected by Museum of Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan This hat features a round shaped rattan-textured cross section. ...