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21. Wugu Shennong (God of Farming or God of the Five Grains)
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Shennong is widely recognized as the founder of agriculture in China. There are many stories about him in ancient history books. The “Appended Remarks” of the “Book of Change” said, ...
22. Fude Zhengshen (Earth God of Wealth and Merit)
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Fude Zhengshen is the Earth God of Wealth and Merit. The worship of Earth God dated back to ancient times and originated in the fear and respect of nature. The Land God originally worshipped is not quite ...
... Primitive man therefore believed that heaven, earth, sun moon, mountains, rivers, grass and trees as well as wind, rain, thunder and lightning are the soulful spirits of the gods. ...     ...
24. Maritime Taiwan
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Oceans occupy 70 percent of the surface of the Earth and as such their presence can be seen in the progress of human civilization. In the 16th century, the world entered the Age of Sail, and all coastal ...
25. Tachia Matsu tour
(Matching tags: Matsu,goddess,belief,god)
The goddess of the sea, Matsu, attracts thousands of believers at every stop of its round-the-island tour from the famous Tachia Temple in central Taiwan.  ...
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