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1. Cloisonne Vessel with Dragon Design
(Matching tags: cloisonne,vessel)
The shape and decoration of this artifact exhibits styles of ancient Greek or Sasanian Persian Empire. A circular bulge beneath the mouth highlights the 3-dimensional aspects of the mouth. Its neck shrinks ...
2. Cloisonne Bronze Vessel
(Matching tags: cloisonne,vessel,bronzes)
This enameled bronze jar has curled lips, thick neck, slant shoulder, closing body, and broad feet. Two dragon-shaped ears stretch from its shoulder to neck. This artifact is slender and entirely enameled ...
3. Cloisonne Bronze Stove
(Matching tags: cloisonne,bronzes)
The lid of this enameled bronze stove is shaped as a lion; its three feet are carved with animal faces. The pattern of two dragons chasing a pearl sphere is painted on the body of the stove.