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41. Ding for offering sacrifices
(Matching tags: Spring and Autumn Period,Zhou dynasty,Shang dynasty,tripod,bronzes)
The tripod is the most important bronze ritual implement in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. It was used in the higher level ritual ceremonies and banquets, and was a cooking implement. This “Lao tripod” ...
42. Zhong with interlaced hydra tie
(Matching tags: Spring and Autumn Period,bell,bronzes)
Bells were an ancient musical instrument. The kind that was hung individually and used individually is called a special bell. The shape of the special bell is usually larger than the regular one. Because ...
43. Zhi(觶)
(Matching tags: vessel,Chou dynasty,Shang dynasty,bronzes)
The chih was a bronze drinking vessel of the Shang and Chou dynasties.This example has the classic Shang tao-tie (a mythical creature)decorative pattern in relief on the belly of the vessel....
44. Ding with Tao-tie pattern
(Matching tags: Shang dynasty,tripod,bronzes)
The bronze tripod developed from the pottery tripod of the Neolithic Age. This tripod with the Taotie design is an implement from the late Shang Dynasty. The mouth of the implement opens outward, the edge ...
45. Square Yan with Bo Song-fu inscripition
(Matching tags: vessel,bronzes)
This steamer is divided into two parts. The upper part, Zheng, is for holding the rice; the lower part, Li, is for boiling the water. The middle part is designed to let out the steam. This utensil is a ...
46. Oblation Tsun with Turquoise Inlay and Gold Filament
(Matching tags: figurine,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
Extending back to the art of inlay practiced in the Shang dynasty and flourishing in the Eastern Chou period, individual and combinations of precious metals and turquoise were used in inlays of this period. ...
47. Bronze knife
(Matching tags: Paiwan,bronzes,aborigine)
Bronze knives, azure stone beads and ceramic pots are the “three treasures” of the Paiwan tribe. In earlier days these items would only be owned by chiefs or higher-class people and were usually ...
48. Ya-ch'ou Square Kuei
(Matching tags: Shang dynasty,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
Many bronzes cast by the Ya-chou clan have been unearthed around Su-pu-tun Village in I-tu, Shantung province, and scholars believe that they were the Pao-ku family found in the ancient text, ...  ...
49. Bronze Knife Handles
(Matching tags: knife handle,bronzes)
These handles commonly bear the motifs of stylized human figures and/or a continuous row of heads. The handle can be attached to an iron blade approximately 30 centimeters long, serving as heirlooms among ...
50. Mao-kung Ting
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,vessel,Mao-kung ting,bronzes)
... of bronzes remaining from the Shang and Chou periods. From the seven-part inscription, we know that the Mao-kung ting was probably made in the first year of the reign of King Hsuan of Chou (827 B.C.).... ...
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