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21. Kuei with Phoenix-pattern Square Base
(Matching tags: Western Chou,vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
Added underneath the kuei vessel here is a square base, thereby adding to the height of the vessel. ......
22. Ya-ch'in Fu-i Tsun
(Matching tags: vessel,Shang dynasty,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
The compound clan symbol "Ya-ch'in" is an insignia found on both bronze tsun vessels and seals.  ......
23. Ya-ch'ou Square Kuei
(Matching tags: vessel,Shang dynasty,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
Many bronzes cast by the Ya-ch’ou clan have been unearthed around Su-pu-tun Village in I-tu, Shantung province, and scholars believe that  ......  ...
24. Tsu-i Tsun
(Matching tags: Western Chou,vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
With four sides bearing flanges, the body of this vessel is decorated with animal-mask and k'uei-dragon patterns. ......
25. Animal-mask Yüeh with Turquoise Inlay
(Matching tags: Shang dynasty,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
The interior of this yüeh is exquisitely inlaid with turquoise, representing the nobility of its original owner. ......
26. Ram's-head Lei with Hooks and Dots
(Matching tags: Yin Period,vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
The shoulder decoration of ram heads in high relief is similar to that found on a bronze lei vessel excavated from Hsin-chin in Kiangsi.  ......
27. P'eng-tsu-ting Ting
(Matching tags: Western Chou,Yin Period,vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
Going by the former name "Tzu-ho-pei tsu-ting ting", this is the heaviest and largest ting in the collection of the National Palace Museum. ......
28. Ya-ch'ou Square Tsun
(Matching tags: vessel,Shang dynasty,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
Cast "Ya-ch'ou" vessels have often been excavated from Su-pu-tun in I-tu, Shantung, so scholars believe that "Ya-ch'ou" represents the "Po-ku"  ......
29. P'an Basin with Dragon Motif
(Matching tags: vessel,bronzes,National Palace Museum)
The surface of this basin is decorated with a coiled dragon, its head, an animal mask in the style of the late Shang period, protruding from the center. ......
30. Human-Shaped Bronze Lamp
(Matching tags: lamp,craft,bronzes)
This Bronze Human-Shaped Oil Lamp has three unique characteristics in its shape, color, and expression. The “shape” refers to its horizontal lamp body and the vertical servant with kneel-down ...
31. Cloisonne Bronze Vessel
(Matching tags: cloisonne,vessel,bronzes)
This enameled bronze jar has curled lips, thick neck, slant shoulder, closing body, and broad feet. Two dragon-shaped ears stretch from its shoulder to neck. This artifact is slender and entirely enameled ...
32. Cloisonne Bronze Stove
(Matching tags: cloisonne,bronzes)
The lid of this enameled bronze stove is shaped as a lion; its three feet are carved with animal faces. The pattern of two dragons chasing a pearl sphere is painted on the body of the stove.
33. Bronze money molds
(Matching tags: currency,bronzes)
When Wong Mang was the throne, there were too many different currencies, causing inconvenience. In total there were four currency unifications. The one that lasted the longest was  “Daquanwushi”. ...
34. Knife-Shaped Bronze Currency
(Matching tags: Warring States Period,currency,Spring and Autumn Period,Zhou dynasty,bronzes)
Knife-shaped currency originates from the jadeite knife of the stone age. The knife was used as a weapon for self-defense, for hunting and in daily life. Therefore, at the time, the knife itself had monetary ...
35. Chin Ban-liang ( bronze currency of the Chin Dynasty)
(Matching tags: currency,bronzes)
Early in the period of the Warring States, the Qin Ban Liang currency came into circulation. Later, Emperor Qin unified the six kingdoms, discontinuing the different national currencies, and used the Qin ...
36. Ge, bronze weapon, with mythological bird design
(Matching tags: weapon,bronzes)
This is the weapon to hook an enemy. The blade as long as tongue, it has a circular aperture and decorated with Phoenix patterns.
37. Zu-xin Jue
(Matching tags: wine,vessel,Shang dynasty,bronzes)
The zuxin wine pitcher is a artefact of the late Shang Dynasty, unearthed in Luoyang, Henan. The shape of its mouth is very peculiar. There is a long channel at the front called liu, a conduit for letting ...
38. Animal-shaped brazier stand
(Matching tags: tomb,figurine,bronzes)
The body of this bronze beast is short and small, in relation to which its head is very big, making it look like an extraterrestrial. Not only does it look ferocious, but both of its eyes open round and ...
39. Square Hu, Bronze Wine Vessel, with Entwined Dragon Design
(Matching tags: Spring and Autumn Period,wine,vessel,bronzes)
This square bronze wine vessel with entwined dragon design was unearthed in Xinzheng, Henan in 1923. It was one of a pair. The other one is now in the Palace Museum in Beijing. It was unearthed from the ...
40. Lei with cloud and dragon pattern
(Matching tags: Spring and Autumn Period,wine,vessel,bronzes)
The Lei, a bronze wine jar, a vessel for containing liquid, was used in worshipping ceremonies and banquets. The wine jar with a cloud and dragon design was one of the bronze representations of the Spring ...
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