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1. Leaf beetles
(Matching tags: specimen,beetle,insect)
Leaf beetles are small beetles. Their bodies are usually oblong, and metallically shining. ......  ...
2. Stag beetles
(Matching tags: beetle,specimen,insect)
Beetles are most diverse in number or species among insects. Of which stage beetles are very popular ......  ...
3. Coleoptera-Buprestidae
(Matching tags: Coleoptera,Buprestidae,beetle,insect)
Buprestidae is known as jewel beetles or metallic woodboring beetles because of their glossy iridescent colors. ....... ...
4. Coleoptera-Curculionidae
(Matching tags: Coleoptera,Curculionidae,weevil,beetle,insect)
Weevils are recognized easily by their distinctive long snouts. Most species are associated with a narrow range of plant hosts ......
5. Coleoptera
(Matching tags: Coleoptera,beetle,insect)
Members of this order is so called beetles by having the sclerotized forewings (elytra), including longhorn beetles, ...... ...
6. The Cicada Parasite Beetles
(Matching tags: cicada,beetle,insect)
Parasitic beetles are very rare among Coleoptera. For example, meloids and rhipiphorids search for eggs...... ...
7. Drupeus hygropetricus Lee et al
(Matching tags: Drupeus hygropetricus,beetle,insect)
Ptilodactylidae is a small family which comprises over 500 species. Very few larvae live in aquatic environments......
8. The Flat Bark Beetles
(Matching tags: Flat Bark Beetles,cucujid,beetle,insect)
Cucujids are big and extremely flattened beetles. Such a flattened body is adapted to living under tree barks. Larvae and adults are predacious. ...... ...
9. Coleoptera: Helotidae
(Matching tags: Coleoptera,Helotid,beetle,insect)
Helotids are a group of remarkable beetles which are characterized by their flattened bodies, bronze coloration, and two pairs pale yellow spots on elytra. ...... ...
10. The variation of insect's world
(Matching tags: walking stick,butterfly,beetle,cricket,insect)
Metamorphosis is an important process in insect's life cycle, because morphology and physiology of insect are quiet different in different stages. Butterflies and stag beetles are complete metamorphosis ...