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1. Tao Silver Helmet
(Matching tags: Tao,Yami,hat,aborigine)
The Tao transformed silver into accessories, such as bracelets and silver helmets or as decorative touches to glass bead or agate necklaces. Silver is pounded into pieces or melted and then formed. When ...
2. Tao Coconut Palm Fiber Hat
(Matching tags: Tao,Yami,hat,aborigine)
Sakop is a term in the Tau language that refers to all types of helmets and hats. They are divided into two categories: those used for work and those worn during special ceremonies and rites. The former ...
3. Tao Coconut Palm Bark Vest
(Matching tags: Tao,Yami,clothing,aborigine)
This vest, made from coconut palm bark, is called Asot Apis No Anyoi in the language of the Yami (Tao) tribe. It is worn by the males of the tribe when going out on visits, working in the fields or fishing ...
4. Yami Women's Shawl
(Matching tags: clothing,Yami,Tao,aborigine)
The woven cloth of the Yami (Tao) tribe is simple in shape and form, yet highly unique among Taiwans indigenous tribes. Mostly only two colors are used, white and blue or white and black, and there are ...