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Situated in northern Xindian, Bitan — which means “emerald water” in Mandarin — acquired its appellation from a local resident, Cai Yulin (1892-1990). On its northbound journey, ...
The Tamsui Community Action Team was founded in 1993 to save local historic sites and streets. Do you think, then, that Zhongzheng Road and Tamsui Old Street were preserved in the end? Sadly not! They ...
Long before the period of Japanese rule, one after another many foreigners from different countries set foot on Taiwan. Their purposes might have been for trade, or for invasion. Of these, a great number ...
44. A Sweet Story—The History of Taiwan’s Sugar Industry
(Facets of Taiwan/Lives & Cultures)
Just how much do we crave sugar? The Ghost Month, a short story in Volume VII of Creative Comic Collection, tells a story about a human spirit who is so obsessed with nougat that after his body has deceased, ...
This article is provided by the Call for Entries Campaign of the Taiwan Digital Archives Expansion Project under the Taiwan e-Learning & Digital Archives Program (TELDAP)  By Yang Yuling   ...
It is hard to talk about William Shakespeare without mentioning one of his most well-known works, Romeo and Juliet. In this timeless masterpiece, the two young lovers are forced to tragically sacrifice ...
When flying to Penghu, many groups of curved lines in the open sea off the coast can be seen from the air. At first glance, what comes to mind are the Nazca Lines in Peru. The lines here are stone fish ...
The Saisiyat people can be geographically divided into northern and southern branches. The northern Saisiyat are based in Wufong Township in Hsinchu County, while the southern Saisiyat mostly inhabit ...
After the defeat of the Qing Dynasty in the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895, Taiwan and the Penghu Islands were ceded to the Japanese government. An approximately 50-year Japanese colonial period had thus ...
Trail after trail, winding through town after village, thread together Taiwan’s cultural and natural landscape. When a day comes that such meandering trails cover all of Taiwan, they will form a ...
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