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1. A pair of painted ceramic dancers
(Matching tags: Northern Wei dynasty,figurine,ceramics)
This figurine, unearthed in Luoyiang, Henan in 1928, was made in the late North Wei period. The head and the body were made separately, then joined together and trimmed. The material of these earthen female ...
2. Gilt Bronze Shakyamuni Buddha and Stand
(Matching tags: statue,Shakyamuni,Northern Wei dynasty,Buddhism)
Shakyamuni is represented here in the full lotus position sitting on a two-tiered stand, right hand in the abhaya (fearlessness) mudra, and left hand resting on his robe. The monk’s robe reveals ...
This stele was engraved with exquisite patterns in a meticulous manner, which can be regarded as the best among all stele works from the He-shuo area during the Northern Wei dynasty. The stele building ...