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1. Banpo painted pottery vase with pointed bottom
(Matching tags: Neolithic,Banpo,pottery)
This implement is a jug with double ears and a pointed bottom. The Banpo Culture site is located in Banpo village, Xian, Shenxi. It was a culture of the early Neolithic Age, which occurred about 6,000 ...
2. Majiayao painted pottery ewer with flowers-leaf and ripple design
(Matching tags: Neolithic,Majiayao,pottery)
Majiayao culture was a culture of the late Neolithic age of between 5,300 and 4000 years ago. The painted pottery of the Majiayao Culture was very advanced. It can be divided into four types: Shihlinghsia, ...
3. Bansan painted pottery ewer with whorl design
(Matching tags: Banshan,Neolithic,pottery)
The Banshan type of painted pottery was discovered mainly in Gansu between 4,600 and 4,350 years ago. This pottery represents a transitional period between the Majiayao type and the Machang type, and usually ...
4. Machang painted pottery jar with frog design
(Matching tags: Machang,Neolithic,pottery)
The Machang type of painted pottery was primarily spread in the area east of Qinghai and west of Gansu province, 4,350 to 4,000 years ago, during the late Neolithic age. ...  ...
5. Hsintien painted pottery ewer with double hook design
(Matching tags: Shindian,Neolithic,pottery)
The implement is a Shindian(Xindian) painted pottery jar with a double-hook design. Shindian(Xindian) culture was a late Neolithic culture in the northwest region, around 3,000 years ago. ...  ...
6. Longshan black pottery stem cup
(Matching tags: Lungshan,Neolithic,pottery)
The Lungshan culture of Shantong was spread around the middle and east of Shantong Province, and the Huaibei area in Jiangsu Province, 4,500 to 4,000 years ago. Since the largest proportion of the pottery ...