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1. Coleoptera-Buprestidae
(Matching tags: Coleoptera,Buprestidae,beetle,insect)
Buprestidae is known as jewel beetles or metallic woodboring beetles because of their glossy iridescent colors. .......
2. Coleoptera-Curculionidae
(Matching tags: Coleoptera,Curculionidae,weevil,beetle,insect)
Weevils are recognized easily by their distinctive long snouts. Most species are associated with a narrow range of plant hosts ......
3. Coleoptera
(Matching tags: Coleoptera,beetle,insect)
Members of this order is so called beetles by having the sclerotized forewings (elytra), including longhorn beetles, ......
4. Coleoptera: Helotidae
(Matching tags: Coleoptera,Helotid,beetle,insect)
Helotids are a group of remarkable beetles which are characterized by their flattened bodies, bronze coloration, and two pairs pale yellow spots on elytra. ......