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1. Amis Ceremonial Pottery
(Matching tags: Amis,pottery,aborigine)
These two vessels are examples of Amis ceremonial pottery. The making of this type of pottery is on the decline, and it is now a rare sight in Amis villages. Amis ceremonial pottery can be divided into ...
2. Amis Mikilita (Steamer)
(Matching tags: utensil,Amis,aborigine)
The Amis mostly produced pottery for everyday use such as water containers, pots for cooking, steamers and bowls, etc. Pottery making was strictly the work of women and was accomplished via a four-step ...
3. Amis Mouth Harp
(Matching tags: harp,Amis,aborigine)
The mouth harp is a small, simple musical instrument that can be widely found among Taiwan’s indigenous tribes, especially among the Atayal, Amis and Bunun tribes. To make this instrument it was ...
4. Amis Salt Container
(Matching tags: utensil,Amis,aborigine)
Taiwans indigenous peoples made many of their everyday use items from local materials such as bamboo, wood, coconut shells and leaves. Among them, bamboo was the most widely used. .....
5. Headdress of Amis People
(Matching tags: headdress,Amis,clothing)
Acquired by Li, Yih-yuan (1957, Kuangfu, Hualian County)  Collected by Museum of Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan The headdress was weaved in a simple fashion, featuring spiral ...