Marble standing owl (大理石梟形小立雕)

Tags: figurine | marble

This marble standing owl was excavated in the Hsi Pei Kang site. The head and ears are curved. There is a ridge stretching to the back between the two ears. The owl has round and big eyes, a crooked beak, and a bulgy belly. The back is composed of feathers which are assembled as the tail of the owl. The feet of the owl look like columns. The shape of the white owl is vivid. When consider to the polishing and the elegance of the pattern, this owl should be the first class artifact among the relics from the Hsi Pei Kang site. Even the ditch between the tail and the paws are extremely smooth.

Hsi Pei Kang site, Anyang county, Henan province, China

3000 B.P

Marble standing owl