Insect taxonomists in Taiwan III

Tags: insect | taxonomist



Chia-Chu Tao 1911~1999

Tao was a distinguished taxonomist on aphids and scale insects. He published numerous papers and collected aphids and scales of Taiwan intensively. In the meantime, he devoted himself in controlling pests on vegetables, tobacco, cotton, bamboo, and orange. He always found out a new way to accomplish missions.


Shui-Chen Chiu 1921~

Chiu worked on taxonomy of Ichneumonidae, and published a monograph together with Townes. More than 1.2 million specimens had been collected during 198O—1984 based on project“Investigation of Insect Fauna in Taiwan”supported by NSC. The“Bibliography of Entomology in Taiwan”edited by her is a necessary reference for one who wants to study entomology of Taiwan.

Digital Insect of Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute