Insect taxonomists in Taiwan II

Tags: insect | taxonomist



Yushiro Miwa 1903~1999

Miwa stayed 16 years in Taiwan and worked at TARI. Miwa described a number of species of Lucanidae and Buprestidae. He also studied some little-known families, including Hydroscaphidae, Lymexylidae, Rhysodidae, Silphidae, Meloidae, Callirhipidae, Tenebrionidae. In addition, he is the first person to write a catalogue of Taiwanese Coleoptera. He must be a person who contributed the most to the TARI collection.


Michio Chujo 1908~2004

Chujo studied Languriinae and Erotylidac of Taiwan with Miwa. His own research focused on Endomychidae, Mordellidae, Rhipiphoridae, Bostrychidae, Bruchidae and Chrsomelidae. Especially for the latter, he spent most of his time in it. Most of the type specimens were deposited at TARI. It is convenient for the following researchers to study Taiwancse chrysoemlids.

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