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Oiceoptoma nakabayashii (Miwa, 1937)

Tags: insect | silphid | specimen

There is one type specimen of Silphidae at the TARI. However, its academic value is meaningful. Most silphids are carnivorous, although some are carrion-feeders. Six species have been recorded or described from Taiwan. Miwa described a new species, Oiceoptoma nakabayashii based on materials collected from Yushan in 1937. No additional specimens are recorded after then. Thus European taxonomists questioned about existence of this species in Taiwan. Because members of the genus are distributed in Palaearctic area, it must live in high mountains (above 2500 m) if it really exists. A number of materials of this have been collected recently by carrion- baited pit-fall traps. Actually, it is abundant at high mountains. The type of this species is at the TARI.


Oiceoptoma nakabayashii (Miwa, 1937)


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