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Chinese Green Tree Viper ( Trimeresurus stejnegeri stejnegeri )

Tags: Chinese Green Tree Viper | snake


The Chinese Green Viper inhabits mountains areas or cultivated land. It has a preference for slightly moist environments. It is nocturnal in nature, moves slowly and is very aggressive. Though its toxin is not very strong, it can still be lethal, so care should be taken. Its diet consists mainly of frogs, lizards, birds and small mammals. Viviparous, generally gives birth to 2~15 babies during the summer. Sexual maturity is reached in about 1 year.

This is a small snake species that grows up to a maximum length of 90cm. The head is triangular with red eyes and the body is bright green. The end of the tail is brick red in color, so it is also nicknamed "Charred Tail". Most females have a thin white lateral line at the interface between the body and the abdomen. Most males not only have this thin white lateral line but also a similar red line right next to it as well.



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