Cypraea carneola Linnaeus, 1758

Tags: cowry | Cypraea carneola | mollusk


Photo by Chao-Shyh-Min


Cypraea carneola is a mid-sized cowry species with a shell length measuring between 4.5 and 7.5cm. The shell is egg-shaped with very light orange-brown shading as well as four darker lateral bands. The sides and undersides are all light yellow-brown, with light-colored speckling on the sides. The teeth are light purple. It inhabits coral reefs and rocky sea bottoms from the intertidal zone to waters up to a depth of 35m. It is quite a common species.

Cypraea carneola is found throughout the Indo-West Pacific region, including the Philippines, Abrolhos in Australia and from West Australia (WA) to northern New South Wales (NSW). In Taiwan, it is found in the north, east and south in areas such as the Northeast Cape, Nanfang-ao, Taitung, Lanyu, Pingtung and Siaoliouciou.


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