Hoof-shaped Jade

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The color of this hoof-shaped jade is yellowish green, and it has reddish brown spots mixed into its slightly transparent jade. The surface of this jade implement is smooth, without decorations, except for a trace of grinding on the inner surface. This hoof-shaped jade was unearthed from the number four tomb at the number one Jishi grave, at Nouheliang, Jiangping, Liaoning Province. Because it was located on top of a skull at the time it was unearthed, it is thought that this was a headband. It is shaped like an inverted horseshoe.Hongshan culture was one of the representative cultures of the late Neolithic age in the northern region of China, dating back about 5,000 years. The clustering, burials and ceremonial sites of the whole culture show that society at that time was settled; the economy was based on farming. From the jade utensils unearthed in Honshan, we discovered that their jade-making technique was already very modern. Most of their jade pieces are small, round-shaped utensils. Of these their jade dragon and jade pig style carried an influence to jade utensils in Shang Dynasty.

National Museum of History