Yue-Yang Destroyer

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.Length:376 ft. 6 in.
.Width:41 ft.   
.Max. Speed:34 kts.  
.Eco. Speed:15 kts.  
.Draft:15 ft. 8 in.
.Displacement:2,890 tons(maximum)
                          2,200 tons (standard)


DDG-905 was the ex-USS Haynworth, the Sumner-class destroyer, DD-700, laid down by Federal Shipbuilding, Kearny NJ. on December 16, 1943, launched on April 15, 1944 and commissioned on June 22, 1944. DD-700 had been participated in the World War II with splendid merits and great achievements. Stricken on January 30 1970, and transferred to ROC Navy in 1970 and the commissioning ceremony was held on October 6, 1970 by Admiral Sung, Chang-Chih, the Commander-In-Chief of ROC Navy. She was renamed as Yue-Yang with the hull number DDG-905 Yue-Yang was in service of ROC Navy for 28 years and with 21 Commanding Officers. The missions of DDG-905 are patrolling the cross-strait and surrounding waters to convoy offshore islands support and supply, annually midshipman training cruise, task flotilla and various missions.

She played an important role on the Navy force build-up and fleet combat readiness, secure the safety of cross-strait and maritime communication. DDG-905 had earned the “Best Prototype of the Armed Forces” and won the first place on firing 5 inch Gun. Finally, the DDG-905 Yue-Yang was decommissioned January 16, 1999.

Admiral Yu, Bo-Sheng, the deputy Chairman, General Chiefs of Staff, MND boarded DDG-905, ROCS Yue-Yang and reviewed the live firing exercise at sea.

General Lai Ming-Tang, the Chief of General Staffs, MND embarked the DDG-905, ROCS Yue-Yang to inspect the offshore islands.

The DDG-905, ROCS Yue-Yang rescued the Panama cargo ship.


In February 1995, when I graduated from the Naval Communications and Electronics School, I was assigned at DDG-905 and in charge of the operation and maintenance of all the electronic equipments. The commanding officer was captain Liu Chung-Hao, and most of the tasks and missions were the patrolling at southwest and northeast areas as well as the convoying and escorting for southern and northern supply and transport.

I still remembered that in December 1995, while we were patrolling along the cross-strait with strong northeast monsoon at sea, suddenly, we received an emergency order to rescue a foreign cargo grounding outside the Hsinchu area.

Though the sea state was so terrible, all the members on DDG-905 made our efforts to rescue those sailors and received lots of appraise nationwide. Though I served at DDG-905 for only one year, that was the most impressive memory for me to remember. 

Petty Officer Cheng Chian-Shun
served as the Electronic at DDG-905 from February 1995 to April 1996


Admiral Sung, Charng-Chih boarded and reviewed DDG-905, ROCS Yue-Yang.

Admiral Yu, Bo-Sheng, the deputy Chief of General Staffs, MND boarded and reviewed DDG-905, ROCS Yue-Yang.

General Chiang, Wei-Kuo, the Superintendent of National Defense University accompanied by the student officers boarded and visited DDG-905, ROCS Yue-Yang.

The DDG-905, ROCS Yue-Yang opened for the public and the families of the crew.

The DDG-905, ROCS Yue-Yang performed the replenishment exercise at sea.

The officers and crews of DDG-905, ROCS Yue-Yang participated the tug-of-war.



Text and images are provided by R.O.C Naval Academy ( Navy Memorial Digital Archives – Yang Class Destroyers)