Shin-Yang Destroyer

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.Length:328 ft.
.Width:31 ft. 
.Max. Speed:28.5 kts.
.Eco. Speed:16 kts.
.Draft:11 ft.
.Displacement:1,580 tons(maximum)
                          1,289 tons(standard)


Shin-Yang destroyer was established by Maiguru shipyard and named Chu-Mei in 1945, Japan. It has engaged a couple of sea battles during the World War Ⅱ. The Japan failed the war and surrendered without reserve in 1945. According to the greement of allied countries, the representative of R.O.C. has gotten 8 Japanese warships by draw in June 28, 1946. Shin-Yang is one of those.

Shin-Yang was shipped to Gao-Chang-Miao wharf, Shanghai, in 1947. She was transferred officially to R.O.C., named it “Shin-Yang” with the hull No. DD-15 on May 1, 1948 and assigned the mission of patrol around the middle and the end of the Yangtze River as well as along the coast .

In 1949, Shin-Yang Patrol Jiangin with warship Yi-Shian for stopping the communist army cross the Yangtze River. They sunk more than 40 vessels of communist totally. Shin-Yang individually engaged with Si-Mu islet sea battle on Dec. 12, 1956, Han-lin-Jiao, Ma-Zu, sea battle on Jan. 24, 1957, Ping islet, Ma-Zu, sea battle on Oct. 9, 1957, Ding-Hai Bay sea battle on Oct. 11 and Xiao-Yao Bay, Hai-Tan islet on Dec. 5, 1957. She have gotten splendid results of those battles. Shin-Yang was decommissioned for the equipments of the ship too old to maintain and without parts on Doc. 1st, 1961.


The representative of ROC drew for the Japanese compensated ships after the War, and DD-15, ROCS
Shin-Yang was the second ship of the first group.

DD-15, ROCS Shin-Yang manned the rail to express her great
morale for an inspection at sea.

The officers and crew of DD-15, ROCS Shin-Yang are highly motivated to be inspected by the late President Chiang

The friends coming from overseas boarded and visited the DD-15,
ROCS Shin-Yang, and has a photograph with the crew.


I was assigned to be the document officer of Sin-Yang in the early of 1952. Commander Zhou-Fei was our captain. Sin-Yang had 5 inch. main cannon at bow and stern individually, three 2.5 inch. cannon and one aerogun as well. She was a powerful warship and the capital ship of R.O.C.N. in 1950's.  

I have participated in Da-Chen islet retreat and Yi-Jiang-Shan battle during my service period on Sin-Yang. After that, she has engaged a lot of violent sea battles with warship of P.R.C. at Ma-Zu sea area. Under the captain leadership, all members of Sin-Yang hang together, forgot the death and defeated the enemy almost every time. It is said the crows of Sin-Yang was really brave and fierce. As I remember, vice admiral Ma, Ji-Zhuang, the ex-commander-In-Chief, with his family console with the crows and hold the party for Chinese New Year eve in 1952. That did not only encourage the crew but also let us feel the warm of the navy family.

Mr. Liu
Chang-Yang was the document officer in 1952.



Text and images are provided by R.O.C Naval Academy ( Navy Memorial Digital Archives – Yang Class Destroyers)


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