Dan-Yang Destroyer

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.Length:388 ft. 4 in.
.Width:35 ft.  
.Max. Speed:32 kts.  
.Eco. Speed:12 kts.  
.Draft:18 ft. 15 in.
.Displacement:2,937 tons(maximum);
                          2,158 tons(standard)


Dan-Yang destroyer was established by Sasebo shipyard in Japan. It was join the forces in 1940 and has been in the World War Ⅱ. The Japan failed the war and surrendered without reserve in 1945. According to the agreement of allied countries, the representative of R.O.C. have gotten 8 Japanese warships by draw in June 28, 1946. Dan-Yang is one of those. Dan-Yang shipped to Gao-chang-miao wharf, Shanghai, transferred officially to R.O.C. on July 3 in 1947 and named it “Dan-Yang” with the No. DD-12.

The rear admiral Ma Ji-Zhuang, ex- General Commander of Navy, leaded Dan-Yang, Tai-Zhao and Tai-Hu to the Philippines for visiting and conveying the compatriots in 1953. Dan-Yang intercepted Russia's cargo ship supporting P.R.C. at Taiwan Strait twice on Oct. 4, same year and June 24, 1954.

Dan-Yang intercepted and attacked 2 PC of P.R.C. with Zhang-Iang, Fu-Iang and Zi-Iang when she organized into north patrol detachment and patrolled at Ma-Zu sea area. They inflicted severe damage on one warship of P.R.C and minor damage on another one even though there are other warships around and artillery on the shore. It's a really glory history for Dan-Yang.

She left military service on Nov. 16 of 1966 for the equipments of the ship too old to maintain and without parts.

The commissioning ceremony of DD-12, ROCS Dan-Yang held at Shang-Hai after returned to China with the first destroyers compensated by Japan.

The commissioning ceremony of DD-12, ROCS Dan-Yang at Shanghai, China.

The inauguration ceremony of incoming Commanding Officer of DD-12, ROCS Dan-Yang.


The personal inspection of DD-12, ROCS Dan-Yang. The inauguration ceremony of incoming Commanding Officer of DD-12, ROCS Dan-Yang.



DD-12 Dan-Yang used to be ex-Shuefeng, Japan Navy and had been participating the Leyte and Okinawa campaigns in World War Ⅱ. She is a very famous and beautiful ship. Back then, we were led by the Commanding Officer, Captain Shong Yun-Chen to participate the overhaul and upgrade programs in Keelung harbor. The late President Chiang Kai-Shek and Mr. Chiang Ching-Kuo have been onboard to review the projects. Therefore, it is a great honor for me to serve on such a famous ship.

Mr. Hu Au-Fa
served as the engineering serviceman at DD-12 from 1949 to 1950.


The image of the bridge of DD-12, ROCS Dan-Yang could refresh the memory of the crew.

The officers and crews of DD-12, ROCS Dan-Yang participated the spring worship of the martyrs at National Cemetery.

The photograph of the decommissioning crews in front of DD-12, ROCS Dan-Yang.



Text and images are provided by R.O.C Naval Academy ( Navy Memorial Digital Archives – Yang Class Destroyers)