Forging, Recreating: Ceramic Art of Winnie Yang

Winnie Yang is a rarity in Taiwan's ceramic arts world in that she possesses extensive academic, teaching, and artistic experience. Her ceramic art employs modern methods to re-interpret the beauty of traditional ceramics, and she derives vast space in which to exercise her creativity from the traditions of ceramic vessel making. She has shifted to the production of large ceramic walls in recent years, and her works bring a free and unrestrained spirit to public spaces. After settling in Kaohsiung, Yang has striven to promote the development of ceramic art in southern Taiwan, and she has exerts a powerful influence. This exhibition, held at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts until April 28, 2013 ($1003&IDK=2&EXEC=L&DATA=734&AP=$1003_HISTORY-0^$1003_PN-1), displays 47 Yang's finest works in the past thirty years and some of her newest creations of ceramic walls.