Taiwan Jade

Taiwan Jade, produced in Fongtian, Hualien, was famous worldwide during the 1950s and 60s. The exported jade made a fortune for Taiwan, and its production remains at the top of the world today. This film from the Chinese Taipei Film Archive helps us understand Taiwan Jade's popularity and how its supply could not meet demand at the time. Hok-Shin Liu, professor of the Department of Resources Engineering at National Cheng Kung University, who started the fervor in jade quarrying about four decades ago, was interviewed for the first time. His interview reveals the pinnacle period of Taiwan Jade. By watching this film, people will understand the important role Taiwan Jade once played for the island. Enclosed is a nephrite pendant in the shape of Formosa.


Title:Taiwan Jade
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Author/Producer:NTU Department of Geosciences
Publish Date:2006/9/1
Publisher:National Taiwan University Press

NTU Digital Archives of Geosciences Department
National Taiwan University