Reverence• Tranquillity•Purity• Imagination: Retrospective Exhibition of Yang-Che Liu
Yang-Che Liu has been a painter for more than 50 years. He liked to depict everyday objects in a distinctive, surreal way. Taiwanese historical sites, traditional red-tiled buildings and Buddha statues were also favorite subjects of his. Liu’s main media in his early period were oil, sketch and watercolor. Later, after learning printmaking in Paris, he switched to printmaking and continued to work in this medium for nearly 30 years. He started painting in oils again in 1995 but never stopped producing prints.

This exhibition at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung (, scheduled to close on January 20, 2013, features 80 of Liu’s oil paintings and prints. All of Liu’s pieces show a rich poetic quality and musicality, which demonstrates his particular powers of observation and recreation, and highlights his deep appreciation of aesthetics and his cultural pedigree.