Painting Anime “Imitating Zhao Bosu's Illustration of the Latter Red Cliff”
Wen Cheng-ming (1470-1550), was one of the Four Masters of Ming Dynasty, along with Shen Zhou, Tang Yin and Qiu Ying. This handscroll was done by Wen when he was 79 years old. It was based on the texts of Latter Red Cliff by Su Shi. It tells, in eight sections, the story of Su Shi and friends revisiting Red Cliff.

Since 2011 the National Palace museum initiated ‘Painting Anime’, which are six series of high-resolution long scroll painting animation. Through the latest technology, four high-resolution 1080 HD projectors seamlessly unfold long scroll paintings on the light wall to present the classical scenery in Chinese paintings. ‘Painting Anime’ reproduced six popular paintings, including this one by Wen Zhengming ( Inspired by historical material related to the artworks, the six pieces of animations faithfully present the true spirit of the original paintings and their most attractive parts. January 16, 2013 is the closing day.