Modern Monsters/ Death and Life of Fiction

Featuring some 40 artistic projects, many of them conceived specifically for the exhibition, “Modern Monsters / Death and Life of Fiction” addresses the relationship between historiography and the imaginary. Fiction occupies the blind spot of historiographical and documentary work, as it speaks of the fundamental underside of modernity, its dialectics and paradoxes, as well as the systemic terror that lurks behind modernity’s emancipatory promises. Drawing upon a recent study titled "The Monster That is History" by Taiwanese literature historian David Der Wei Wang, the exhibition engages with the aesthetics of monstrosity. Wang suggests that the ancient Chinese monster Taowu served as an "objective correlative" of the human account of past experience. Taowu is furthermore identified with history as such, particularly through its vicious ability to foresee and undermine human intentions. The exhibition is held at Taipei Fine Arts Museum ( until January 13, 2013.