Dragon and Phoenix: The Year of the Dragon
The dragon is regarded as the most noble of mythological animals. The Chinese people consider themselves to be descended from dragons. The phoenix is the king of the birds and, because it is considered capable of predicting order and disorder in the world, became an omen of peace.

The exhibition, currently showing at National Center for Traditional Arts in Yi-Lan until December 9, 2012 (http://www.ncfta.gov.tw/ncfta_eh/e03/index.aspx?E=UGFnZUluZGV4PTQmQ0lEPTE=), focuses on the cultural significance of the dragon and phoenix, their historical origins, status as auspicious symbols, place in customs and religious life, and artistic expression. Works on display will include over 300 pieces from the Preparatory Office Archives and on loan from other sources. Exhibits include textiles, painting and calligraphy, metalwork, pottery, and jade for a dazzling array of exciting works to peruse.