Distant Rainbow: Shyu Ruey Shiann Solo Exhibition

Rainbows are where stories begin and are in everyone’s dreams. Shyu Ruey Shiann relies on many years of experience and intuition to transform and reorganize objects he has collected since childhood, blending new technology into old stories to create a subtle mix. Like a poetic rendition of waking from a dream, his mechanized installation slowly reveals memories of childhood wishes. His work The Edge of Memory is presented on a moving swing, his Dreambox contains spare parts from a model motorcycle, Afternoon Rhapsody is made from a rocking schoolroom chair-desk, and Mom's Drawer incorporates a drawer and is based on memories of the artist’s mother. The artist also uses light, sound and smells to elicit the enduring rainbow hidden within. An exhibition of Shyu’s work (http://www.tfam.museum/TFAM_Exhibition/exhibitionDetail.aspx?PMN=2&ExhibitionId=437&PMId=437) is hosted at Taipei Fine Arts Museum until November 25, 2012.